Mrs J’s Coffee Morning Workshops


Mrs J runs coffee morning workshops to show you how to play games with your children that will help them with maths and English.

The games are based on literacy and numeracy and use dice and other material that you will already have in your house.


Your children don’t actually realise that they are being

The workshops are informal. After the talk and demonstration, questions can be asked.

These topics are aimed at parents of Primary School children
  • Number bonds
  • Times tables
  • Coordinates
  • Encouragement to read.
  • Language and vocabulary
  • Handwriting
  • Spelling
  • Comprehension
  • Composition or free writing
These topics are for early years
  • Counting on
  • How to build memory
  • How to encourage a love of books
  • Pencil control


Mrs J also runs workshops giving advice to parents of dyslexic children.

Choose three topics from the list above and give her a call.

Usually free, however it may be necessary to ask for a petrol donation.