Mrs J’s Brilliant Tables Game



Times Tables learning can be fun!


Many children find tables learning almost impossible
Exam results can be very disappointing. Far too much time is spent counting up in multiples, and the pupil ends up running out of time having finished less than half the paper.

For some, tables learning is not fun.
As a teacher I know that tables learning is essential. To be able to give the answer instantly inspires confidence and, with that confidence, comes speed and ultimately success.

Mrs J’s Brilliant Tables Game is a very simple card game. After an initial demonstration it can be played by the child without adult involvement. It is brightly coloured, fun and crucially does not rely on counting or guesswork.

Children, who have previously been in a terrible stew over their tables, can become so accomplished in just a few minutes, that they can fill in a randomly written tables test with ease. It is also multi-sensorial using touch, sight and hearing.

Dr Montessori would have loved it.

Most definitely tables learning can be easy and fun!